Everything You Need.

We've packed in everything you need to create yourself a professional portfolio.
Our simple to use editor along with a growing feature set will have you publishing your work in no time.

Audio Production Studio

Audio Studio at 3S Studio is spread over an area of 1400 square feet and is internally divided into 2 studios.

Video Production Studio

The Video Production at 3S Studio is spread over an area of 2000 square feet with online chroma facility along with shooting and post production facilities.

IVR's Recording Studio

We are specialized in providing IVR recordings in all Indian & some foreign languages.

VAS Service

We create and aggrigate content in Text, Audio and Video formate.

Content Catalogue Studio

We own catalogue consisting of audios, videos, images and movies.

Replication Studio

We provide replication facilies in CD/DVD formate.

Our Process


Research is the systematic way to find something and in last get the conclusion of your findings. We research for you to get the best result.


Execution is the way to carrying out your plan in a proper manner.


It is the process to make content available to the audience, in this we publish the content in audio/video format which full-fill the all desired need of masses.


Development never ends. The more we go deeper, the more we create.