Recording Studio In Delhi

3S Studio is a full audio recording studio based out in the capital city of Delhi. Our experts take care of activities ranging from music composition, voice over production, sound design, and also audio direction. Getting every element synchronized to make it sound great with the visuals used in the video, turns out to be a very challenging job especially in the case if you are not skilled enough in audio. Being one of the best recording studios in Delhi we understand the prime objective and medium of our client’s projects. We accept such projects which expect a little something extra to present the audio in a perfect way. We specialized in:-

Radio Jingle Creation: Our expert copywriter will collect brief about the motto of the jingle and target audience. They will create an appropriate Jingle presenting the brand sentiment to grab customer’s attention.

Radio Advertisement: Radio advertising is one of the cost-effective methods to reach out to the target audience, especially in the case when it is run for a long term. We make creative and entertaining audio advertisements under the supervision of our audio production company.

Radio Serial: Being one of the trusted recording studios in Delhi, We are supporting the budding artist in presenting and developing radio serials.

Radio Spot: It is suitable for Medium to large firms. It is just like a radio spot which is very similar to TV spot but used for the radio. We offer this service which is Worthy for clients whose audiences do listen to the radio.

Voice over Services: The voice-overs are chosen very carefully in order to merge it seamlessly along with the script to deliver an impressive radio advertisement having excellent recall value.

Music Album Production: We are having a core specialization in Music album production, and ready to support fellow musicians. With our high-quality music production services, we support in presenting the albums in a much improved and polished manner.

Outbound Dialer: Outbound dialer services support transition with the blended contact center as companies (our clients) can take advantage to synchro­nize between a sudden drop-off in the inbound customer traffic.

In-Bound Dialer: Our inbound dialer service will help our clients in leveraging customer data to reach out to customers more personally to create more qualified potential leads.

Customer Care Centre Recording: We are having a well-equipped Customer Care Centre Recording unit. We capture the call conversations and share with the client for their internal training purpose.

IVR recording in all Language: We are offering IVR recording services in all regional languages of India.